Vishnudutas Volunteers Network is envisioned to establish a trained army of volunteers in End of Life Care to assist, support and coordinate the efforts in mission of Vishnudutas. Each volunteer is called a Vishnuduta. You can take part too! Just fill up the simple form below and enroll for the free membership! It is that easy! We will then contact you, add you to our VVN group and schedule a training that you will need to attend near your location. Once trained and certified, your details will be logged into our database and you will be contacted when in need of your service near your locality.

What are the benefits of being a member of VVN?

  • Obtaining a spiritually uplifting experience of assisting Vishnudutas in End of Life Care!
  • A great internal satisfaction of being registered for an important service of End of Life Care!
  • A certification and ID card will be provided to you for your membership!

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Read Below or Download Concept Document here: Vishnudutas_Volunteers_Network_-_Concept_document_1[1]


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