Articles and documents:

  1. Dr. Roop Gursahani (Neurologist and Palliative Care Specialist) on “End of Life Care” in a TOI editorial
  2. End of Life Care Policy for Dying: Consensus Position Statement of Indian Association of Palliative Care
  3. Quality of Death Index 2015 – Ranking Palliative Care Across the World
  4. Read on this excerpt of a wonderful book authored by Dr.Atul Gawande titled “Being Mortal” here: BeingMortal-Excerpt[1]
  5. Definition of various terms related to End of Life Care, Palliative Care and much more: Definition-of-terms-used-in-limitation-of-treatment-and-providing-palliative-care-at-end-of-life[1]
  6. Towards an End of Life Care policy: An Integrated care plan for those at the End of Life stage: IJCCM_EOLC_Joint_Position_Statement[1]
  7. Drafting an Advance Medical Directive (AMD) – My-Living-Will-modified-by-Pallium-India[1]
  8. When faced with a terminal illness themselves, the doctors choose to die differently! Read this interesting article here:
  9. Blue Maple – End of Life Care Document by Manipal Group of Hospitals –


  1. Free Mobile App for Palliative Care “Pallikare” by Karunashraya, Bangalore Hospice Trust,