27% of Indians

Only 27% of Indians have awareness about Advance Medical Directive!

In a recent study conducted by HCAH guided by End of Life Care in India Task Force (ELICIT), found that only 27% of Indians are aware about “Advance Medical Directive” also known as “Living Will”.

Dr RK Mani, head of End of Life Care in India Task Force ( ELICIT), said: “What we now wish is to have a simplified process laid down to help people execute their Living will”.

It was also found that the moment they were told about its importance, more than 79% found the concept of Living Will relevant.

Further, after understanding the concept of Living Will, 87% of respondents found it highly relevant for terminally ill or patients on artificial life support. The acceptance was at 92% in respondents above 60 years of age. Interestingly, on being asked the relevance of Living Will for themselves, this number dipped from 87% to 76%!

96% of senior citizens who thought Living Will to be a relevant concept see it as an important way to reduce financial stress on their family while 93% of respondents in the 25 – 35 years group found it relevant to put an end to the suffering of patients on artificial life support”.

Other findings came to light such as 76% people who found the concept of Living Will relevant, 91% wished to discontinue any life support system in case they were declared terminally ill on artificial life support with no or marginal hope of recovery. Only 5% found Living Will concept irrelevant, with few worried about its misuse and while few find it hard to chart the course of their last moments themselves and will leave it on their kin to decide.

The news was published in the Financial Express on April 16th, 2019.