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Here is what happens once you Invite Vishnudutas:

1. The Vishnudutas Volunteer’s Network (VVN) is alerted about the service requirement.

2. All focus will be to provide 24×7 service by Vishnudutas Volunteers Team. This service is rendered FREE of charge.

3. However, if 24×7 service is not possible, then a four member Vishnudutas team will be arranged to be available 24×7 at the bedside of those needing this service at their location. This service of a dedicated team will be rendered under dakshina or donations basis. This is strictly not for profit making.

P.S – (There are many challenges the 24×7 dedicated Vishnudutas team faces in terms of health, stress and so forth. The great service that will be rendered by the team in assisting one to leave the body listening to the holy names of the Lord is invaluable. Only the person at the end stage of life can appreciate this most. These dakshinas are collected by back office and and the Vishnudutas front end team will not be involved in order to keep the missionary spirit of service. A nominal dakshina will help us maintain and grow the mission to reach out to all in need. However, considering various situations such as economic condition of the family, etc., the charges are certainly adjustable. Thank you very much for taking time to read this and understand the sensitivity involved in providing this service).

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