“Process of aging and dying are not medical experiences to be managed by doctors, but are natural phenomenon dependent on our conscious acceptance and preparation towards it every moment of our life”


“Death is not a failure of medical professionals but is a natural sure part of our life”



“Death is sure! Why not talk about it? In talking about Art of Dying lies the secret of Art of Living.”



“Death! Yes, talk about it now! Because you do not know when it knocks our door!”



“Decide, make an Advance Medical Direcive about your End of Life Care TODAY! At least wish how you want to die? Take the burden out of your loved ones trying to understand your desires and wishes”



“Physician! Thy responsibility is to make an honest, accurate and early disclosure of poor prognosis of the patient to the patient’s relatives and the patient if capable”



“At End of Life, life support interventions will not mitigate suffering, but rather will add the agony and burden of a prolonged dying process”