Modern-day busy lifestyle makes it difficult for everyone to spend enough quality time beside those who at End of Life stage. Hence, those who are in such a stage or their relatives/friends, etc., will rather feel uncomfortable or shy in taking services of others. Having a dedicated and trained team such as Vishnudutas is extremely comforting since the team has no other distractions.

Death can be defined as the time at which the Soul and the Supresoul leaves the body. As that time whatever consciousness is one in, the same destination is achieved by that soul (yam yam vapi smaran bhavam tyajanty ante kalevaram, tam tam evaiti kaunteya sada tad-bhava-bhavitah; Bhagavad-gita, 8.6). Hence, the Vedic scriptures unanimously declare that the real success of life is to remember the Lord somehow or the other at the time of death (etavan sankhya-yogabhyam sva-dharma-parinisthaya, janma-labhah parah pumsam ante narayana-smrtih; Srimad Bhagavatam, 2.1.6).

End of Life Care can be divided into three phases – Pre-death, Verge of death and After death.  Assisting those in need during all these three phases forms the scope for Vishnudutas End of Life Care. Pre-death phase counseling, guiding through to give an Advance Medical Directive (AMD, comforting and spiritual assistance becomes the most crucial and important agenda in this phase. The Vishnudutas team is well trained in these aspects.

When one is in the verge of death, various symptoms are seen. Vishnudutas are also trained in this science and hence they are well equipped in becoming perfect companions for assisting at the End of Life Care.

Similarly, performing and guiding in Final rites after death is also very important as per scriptures so that the soul obtains the right destination

Vishnudutas are not just another End of Life Care program. This is a team work consisting of trained individuals coordinating for one singular goal – to facilitate and remind those at the End of Life of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna or Vishnu. The team is well equipped with knowledge, practical training and the necessary paraphernalia for this service.

No. Irrespective of faith, anyone is welcome to utilize the services of Vishnudutas and even participate and assist Vishnudutas in their service.

End of Life Care is the only focus of Vishnudutas. Other than this if anyone needs kirtan services on any occasion, they can book Vishnudutas for that too. The same charges apply. However, during such performance, if in case the Vishnudutas receive a call for their main service of End of Life Care, then it will be given the first preference.

“Vishnudutas” are the messengers of Supreme Lord. Whoever chants the holy name sof Lord Vishnu or Krishna, come under the jurisdiction of the Vishnudutas. Wherever the jurisdiction of the messenger of Lord Vishnu is influenced due to the presence of Vishnudutas, there is no chance of the influence of Yamadutas or Messengers of the Lord of Death. Hence, in other words, Vishnudutas are Lord’s messengers in order to assist the devotees of the Lord in transferring them to the Spiritual planets keeping away the influence of the messengers of death or the Yamadutas.

Vishnudutas (TM} the End of Life Care project of Tamaltree Enterprises Pvt Ltd, is meant to emulate this role of the original Vishnudutas. This is a great act of compassion and serious community service.

Service is the main motivation behind to reach out to those in need. If a 24×7 service is possible with Vishnudutas Volunteers Network, then the services are rendered freely. However, if 24×7 service is not possible, then a dedicated Vishnudutas team will be arranged to be at the bedside of those needing this most. Kindly visit our Reserve Now page to know more.

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