Bereavement service – Sri Dhaval’s new born daughter leaves the body

On a frantic call from Uddhava Priya Das from Mumbai to Vishnudutas, we came to know that one Sri Dhaval’s new born daughter left her body. It was a very painful situation to the couple who had a child after many years. Uddhava Priya Prabhu called up team Vishnudutas so that we could arrange some devotees who could visit them and chant and counsel them at this important moment of need.

Quickly, with many calls to devotees around Colaba in Mumbai, we could arrange for devotees from ISKCON Chowpatty to visit them. Led by Sri Hrishikeshananda Prabhu, a team of three devotees visited Sri Dhavalji and chanted with the family. They counseled and consoled the bereaving family.


Guru Gauranga Prabhu’s mother leaves the body in Brahma Muhurta listening to Mangalarathi!

Guru Gauranga Prabhu had joined Vishnudutas Volunteers Network recently and was enthused about assisting those at the end stage of life to hear and chant the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra. He was taking care of his own mother who was a bit sick. But the drastic decline in the health of his mother was worrisome. He took inspiration from the team Vishnudutas to continue to help his mother spiritually and medically. Devotees visited him and chanted with mother.

On one day Guru Gauranga noted that his mother has stopped the intake of any food. He alerted the team Vishnudutas. The devotees quickly coordinated and planned to perform continuous kirtan at the house of Guru Gauranga Prabhu from next day.

However, on the morning of the next day, Guru Gauranga kept a photo of the Deity and chanted Mangalarathi prayers while his mother listened and responded. It was her last moments. She left her body listening to the mahamantra! What a glorious departure! Krsna has bestowed her the greatest mercy! May she be an inspiration to all of us! May Sri Krsna bestow similar mercy to us and all! Hare Krsna!

Vishnudutas, Mumbai attend at the bedside of a person in her last moments

On 18th April, 2019, Dr. Meena Samtaniji and Arunji attended to at the bedside of a person and chanted Hare Krsna maha mantra for her for more than an hour. In the video, you will see her daughter also chanting on a bead. The daughter was extremely grateful and thankful to team Vishnudutas to have come all the way and performed kirtana at her home for her mother.

Arun Prabhu has since then taken out time to attend to the elderly lady every day.

Vishnuduta Counseling Service at Delhi

This was a unique call. The first Counseling call for Vishnudutas! The task was to counsel “Nanaji” to appreciate Hare Krishna Maha mantra, hear about Bhagavad-gita and gradually take up to the process of devotional service.

After frantic search for all available volunteers, it was Jayati mataji that readily agreed to be part of this endeavour.

And sure did she charm Nanaji right on the first day of her service! Nanaji asked her to come back again.

The relative exclaimed – “It was the first time that Nanaji heard someone out so patiently and that too about spiritual topic!”


Basavanagudi Bangalore 28.01.2019

Harinama by Vishnudutas – Bereavement program at Bangalore

It was a call by a humble lady from Bangalore at around 4:00PM on Sunday, 28th Jan 2019 for Vishnudutas service.

“As soon as we got the call, I noted the requirements. The person concerned had already left the body just an hour back – we were informed.” said Bharat Chandra Dasa.

Soon we swung into action contacting all Vaisnavas in and around Bangalore for this service. Who could go for a two hour kirtan at the place and help the relatives pass through this difficult time? How could we help preach the glories of Harinama to the relatives and for the eternal benefit of the soul?

After making frantic calls to all volunteers and friends, finally we could achieve success with the help of Om Jai Venkateshji! HG Gaura Jagannath Prabhu accompanied by another Vaisnava agreed to make the 2 hour hour journey to and fro and perform the hari kirtana.

The relatives were very satisfied and requested Vishnudutas to come back again the next day as well as on the 11th day!

Harinama sankirtana ki Jai!


A Missed chance

By Braja Nandan Das, Chennai
Today received an email from my friend in Delhi that one of our close friend Mr A passed away in Chennai.
Hearing that I desperately collected A’s address since his mobile was closed. With some difficulty, I collected his home address from Iskcon local temple since I have subscribed him the bi-monthly magazine. Reached his home only to find that today morning around 9 am and all rites were over and his family members were resting.
Heard from his wife that my friend suffered breathlessness as his lungs filled with the liquid which choked him to death on his wife’s shoulder.
I am narrating this to share how much work we have to do with people ..who are close also for creating the awareness and significance. My friend knows our service, but his dear ones were shocked and didn’t know what to do…My friend’s soul left the body without any hearing lords holy name. I consider this as my failure and don’t know how many people how many time should we keep propagating our services and still we will have an undaunting task of getting a call on the need of the hour.
Recent yoga story lecture by HG Gauranga Prabhu on 7 questions and answers by a sage, confirms that death is the one which is very closest to anything in life. How pity No one knows and we, but, need to know that, so that can render the service. Let us pray to lord, Guru and Gauranga that our desire to serve such souls by being next to them chanting the holy name. It is possible only we are pure, and sincere in those efforts. I have to learn these 2 things and at least once be successful. Hare Krishna…🙏🙏

Harinaam Sankirtan for Mrs. Nirmala Pathak (93 years old)

Harinaam Sankirtan for Mrs. Nirmala Pathak (93 years old)

Date: 14th January 2019

Time: 7 – 8 PM

Venue: F-II 65, Luv Kush Awas Vihar, Sukhliya, Indore

About Mrs. Nirmala Pathak:

🔸Selfless Social Worker

🔸Traffic Warden

🔸Served for 36 years at Church Gate, Mumbai

🔸Took care of dead bodies after Mumbai Bomb Blast in 1993

🔸Gave voluntary services to manage traffic in Mumbai and Indore.

Join us to serve Mrs. Nirmala Pathak in her last stage of life.

Please contact us at 9977299177.

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Bereavement service at Jhalawar, Rajasthan

Vishnuduta volunteer Sri Shiva Narayana Verma Prabhu alerted our team expressing the need for Vishnudutas service at Jhalawar, Rajasthan.

Her grandfather had left the body and the bereavement program for the 11th day was fast approaching. They had tried all means to contact the locally available devotees.

However, it was the book marathon month apart from various other programs scheduled such as Jagannath Ratha yatra, a visit from a senior Vaisnava and so on. As a result no one was able to commit for such a service.

“When I contacted, the situation was almost impossible. Suddenly, by Krsna’s mercy, an idea came forth! What if I make a deal between them! I contacted the temple devotees and asked whether they were willing to go if I could get the relatives sponsor 108 Bhagavadgita for the book marathon! And there! it was a win-win situation. Both parties agreed and it was a great harinama at the location! Both were extremely satisfied and at the end, team Vishnudutas could successfully reach out!

Sankirtana yajna ki Jai!


Life is precious, Vishnudutas service in Bangalore

It was in the evening that we got a call for urgent service requirement of Vishnudutas in Bangalore. A mataji was in her last moments and the relatives wanted Vishnudutas to arrive for a kirtan.

We sung into action almost immediately and arranged a team of devotees to head towards the venue. Pradeep Prabhu from Bangalore immediately started to reach there at the venue late night at around 10:30PM. He sat for two hours chanting there. Later in the day, a team of devotees from Belgaum arrived and performed kirtana for a couple of hours.

The relatives were very glad and satisfied as were the relatives as they profusely thanked Vishnudutas for their service.