Vishnudutas, are a dedicated team are just focused with one mission – To assist those who are at the end of their life to chant and facilitate remembrance of the holy names of Lord Krishna or Vishnu (who only can provide salvation from repeated birth and death). In order to fulfill this mission, a four part strategy is employed: 

1. Vishnudutas Volunteers Network

2. Vishnudutas 24×7 dedicated team

3. Advance Medical Directive (Living will that defines wishes on medical treatment) from above age 60 years or with terminal illness

4. Tie up with Hospitals to adopt End of Life Care policy.


The Vishnudutas are trained and certified in the following areas:

  • Philosophy and practice of End of Life Spiritual Care
  • Complimentary clinical care and Palliative assistance
  • Counselling
  • Performance of final rites

Modern-day busy lifestyle makes it difficult for everyone to spend enough quality time besides those who at End of Life stage. Hence, those who are in such a stage or their relatives/friends, etc., will rather feel uncomfortable or shy in taking services of others. Having a Vishnudutas Network as well as Vishnudutas dedicated teams are extremely comforting and assures fearless, blissful and dignified passing away amidst chanting of the holy names.

Our Vision
To reach to all those in need of End of Life Care and provide the most important service of being at the side of them constantly and chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna or Vishnu, reading scriptures, providing necessary counselling and clinical support.

Our Mission
To create awareness about the real success of life which is to remember Lord Krishna or Vishnu at the time of death as mentioned in the Vedic aphorism, “ante narayana smrith” (Srimad Bhagavatam, 2.1.6). To log every call and meet the need with urgency and spiritual compassion. To systematically recruit those interested for the Vishnudutas Volunteers Network (VVN) in order to coordinate and support the efforts of the Vishnudutas. To constantly improvise our services through feedback and through training.

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