Basavanagudi Bangalore 28.01.2019

Harinama by Vishnudutas – Bereavement program at Bangalore

It was a call by a humble lady from Bangalore at around 4:00PM on Sunday, 28th Jan 2019 for Vishnudutas service.

“As soon as we got the call, I noted the requirements. The person concerned had already left the body just an hour back – we were informed.” said Bharat Chandra Dasa.

Soon we swung into action contacting all Vaisnavas in and around Bangalore for this service. Who could go for a two hour kirtan at the place and help the relatives pass through this difficult time? How could we help preach the glories of Harinama to the relatives and for the eternal benefit of the soul?

After making frantic calls to all volunteers and friends, finally we could achieve success with the help of Om Jai Venkateshji! HG Gaura Jagannath Prabhu accompanied by another Vaisnava agreed to make the 2 hour hour journey to and fro and perform the hari kirtana.

The relatives were very satisfied and requested Vishnudutas to come back again the next day as well as on the 11th day!

Harinama sankirtana ki Jai!