A Missed chance

By Braja Nandan Das, Chennai
Today received an email from my friend in Delhi that one of our close friend Mr A passed away in Chennai.
Hearing that I desperately collected A’s address since his mobile was closed. With some difficulty, I collected his home address from Iskcon local temple since I have subscribed him the bi-monthly magazine. Reached his home only to find that today morning around 9 am and all rites were over and his family members were resting.
Heard from his wife that my friend suffered breathlessness as his lungs filled with the liquid which choked him to death on his wife’s shoulder.
I am narrating this to share how much work we have to do with people ..who are close also for creating the awareness and significance. My friend knows our service, but his dear ones were shocked and didn’t know what to do…My friend’s soul left the body without any hearing lords holy name. I consider this as my failure and don’t know how many people how many time should we keep propagating our services and still we will have an undaunting task of getting a call on the need of the hour.
Recent yoga story lecture by HG Gauranga Prabhu on 7 questions and answers by a sage, confirms that death is the one which is very closest to anything in life. How pity No one knows and we, but, need to know that, so that can render the service. Let us pray to lord, Guru and Gauranga that our desire to serve such souls by being next to them chanting the holy name. It is possible only we are pure, and sincere in those efforts. I have to learn these 2 things and at least once be successful. Hare Krishna…🙏🙏