Disappearance of Kaliyaphani Prabhu

Regarding Kaliyaphani prabhu’s passing away. I just came across this detailed and amazing account of his passing. It confirmed my belief that Krsna personally took him:

The disappearance of a pure devotee, Kaliyaphani Prabhu (ACBSP)

It happened on January 3, 2019 at 9:30 pm in Alachua. And everything connected to his disappearance was wonderful. There is no doubt, that everything was miraculously arranged by Krishna for His pure devotee, and He took him back home.

Kaliyaphani Prabhu was riding his motorbike on Road 235, which is about 5 km long, he was going home (he lived near the temple) from the “man’s club”, where old friends, prabhus, Srila Prabhupada’s disciples discuss Krishna’s lilas and other philosophical topics. On that road, a huge truck crashed into him and Kaliyaphani Prabhu cannoned off the road right into the front yard of a devotee, Dharmaraj Prabhu, whose family lives near that very road. There is a Jagannath cart in that very yard and the Deities Themselves are in the house. A daughter of Dharmaraj Prabhu after hearing the sound of a crash runs out into the yard and sees a man lying on the earth. She takes his helmet off and understands that this is Kaliyaphani Prabhu. Note, in Dharmaraj’s Prabhu yard a tape of Srila Prabhupada Japa is playing 24/7 ☝ They call an ambulance and while it doesn’t come for hours, the whole family together with Prabhupada are chanting japa around his body. An ambulance in US can never arrive so late. The reason is that there was another huge accident with several victims on the big Highway 75 that very day, and traffic got unbearable both ways, and we think that it could have caused the delay. But, as it were, it might be so that time was needed for an auspicious departure of the devotee back to Godhead.

And now please tell me, what chance does one stand to get into an accident and find oneself in a devotee’s yard where Prabhupada himself is chanting the holy name?! Kaliyaphani Prabhu has been a sankirtana devotee for his entire life, he was a talented actor, thanks to whom every play about Krishna would become a masterpiece. He was very humble, rendered a lot of service to the temple: he would mow several hectares of grass, cut dangerous trees and branches, distribute prasadam on Sunday feasts, and without devotees notice he would put more juice in their cups. He would attend Mangala aratik every day, read Krishna book in the temple, even when there was nobody there. I can endlessly describe his exalted qualities. We all will be missing him very much.